We offer a range of workshops and drop-in sessions designed to enhance your digital skills.  No experience is necessary; simply sign-up, turn up and learn something new.

The vast majority of our training sessions take place in L408 in the All Saints Library; however, Classroom Technology sessions will take place around the campus and the rooms will be clearly signposted.

Can't find what you're looking for? We can design a bespoke training session for you and your team.

The below list runs from January - April 2019


Did you know that every Manchester Met staff member has 1TB of online storage? Come along and discover how these exciting, new platforms can transform the way you work and collaborate at Manchester Met.

MyHR code: BS-365

  • Monday 14th January, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 24th January, 10am, L408 
  • Wednesday 6th February, 10am, L408 
  • Friday 15th February, 10am, L408 
  • Wednesday 27th February, 10am, L408 
  • Monday 4th March, 2pm, L408 
  • Wednesday 20th March, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 28th March, 10am, L408 
  • Monday 8th April, 10am, L408

Excel for beginners

'Excel - Absolute Beginners' is a training session designed for those who are completely new to MS Excel.  The session will take you through the basic steps to create a spreadsheet, populate it with data, and create some charts.  The session will also show you light formula and useful formatting options.


  • Wednesday 16th January, 10am, L408 
  • Wednesday 6th February, 2pm, L408 
  • Monday 4th March, 10am, L408


OneNote is like a digital project folder; a tool you can use for your own personal work management, or to share work with your colleagues.  This session will show you to create a notebook, how to use it, and how to share it with your team.

MyHR code: BS-ONE

  • Wednesday 16th January, 2pm, L408 
  • Monday 21st January, 10am, L408 
  • Monday 18th February, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 28th February, 10am, L408 
  • Wednesday 13th March, 2pm, L408 
  • Monday 25th March, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 4th April, 10am, L408


SWAY is a new kind of presentation tool.  Unlike PowerPoint, SWAY can be shared and updated instantly - making it perfect for policies, kiosks, and change control.  It's perfect for smartphones and mobile devices and can be embedded onto straight into your website or VLE, making it perfect for guides and study materials.

MyHR code: BS-SWAY

  • Thursday 17th January, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 31st January, 10am, L408 
  • Monday 11th February, 11am, L408 
  • Wednesday 27th February, 2pm, L408 
  • Friday 22nd March, 10am, L408


MS Forms is an online survey creator available to staff and students at Manchester Met.  This session will show you how to create fast, easy forms that are perfect for collating and measuring feedback.


  • Monday 14th January, 2pm, L408 
  • Friday 1st February, 10am, L408 
  • Monday 18th February, 2pm, L408 
  • Wednesday 13th March, 10am, L408 
  • Monday 25th March, 2pm, L408

Pivot tables

In this session you will learn how to analyse large amounts of data using the pivot table feature within Excel. We will be comparing related information using basic arithmetic functions and presenting it graphically.


  • Wednesday 23rd January, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 7th February, 10am, L408  
  • Friday 8th March, 10am, L408 
  • Wednesday 10th April, 10am, L40

Video capture

There are a number of video recording and screen capture tools available to us at Manchester Met.  This training session will teach you how to create quick, simple audio and video recordings.  Perfect for making tutorials, VLOGs and other resources to embed into your teaching week.


  • Friday 1st March, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 21st March, 10am, L408 
  • Wednesday 3rd April, 10am, L408


Whether you're writing academically or delivering a monthly report, Microsoft Word can do a lot of the hard work for you!  This session will teach you how to create an automated table of contents, learn how to use styles, page breaks and mail merges.

MyHR code: BS-WORD

  • Wednesday 30th January, 10am, L408 
  • Thursday 14th February, 10am, L408 
  • Friday 15th March, 10am, L408